ANC Race Starting to Shape Up

Yesterday, the Board of Elections released the final maps for ANC redistricting. The ANC2E one is the same as that decided upon by Tom Birch last fall as depicted above.

The map has a few small changes to the old map and one significant change. The small ones include making SMDs 2, 3, and 5 a bit bigger. And the big change is the brand new SMD 8 on the eastern edge of GU campus. (If you want to rehash the fight that produced this map, read this).

Starting on June 15, candidates have been able to pick up nominating petitions. They have until August 8th to collect 25 signatures of residents of their district. So far, sitting commissioners Ron Lewis and Bill Starrels have already picked up their petitions. GM suspects most if not all the rest of the non-student commissioners will go again next year.

Speaking of the student commissioners, that position will as usual turn over. GM was a little concerned that they would have trouble finding two candidates willing to commit two years to the job (this is particularly tough for GU students since so many of them go abroad for their junior year). But two candidates have already picked up petitions for the SMDs. Peter Prindiville is running for SMD 8 and Craig Casey Jr. is running for SMD 4. Let’s hope they can find 25 fellow students spending the summer in town.


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3 responses to “ANC Race Starting to Shape Up

  1. Dizzy

    I’m pretty sure students spending the summer in town don’t count for ANC petition purposes – not unless they actually changed their voter registration over to that location, which very few do, especially those living on-campus. The student ANC’s have generally gotten their petition signatures and smattering of votes from the handful of more permanent residents: the Jesuits living in Wolfington Hall and the chaplains and hall directors who live in the various residences.

  2. JS

    @Dizzy: Some students remain in their academic year housing for the summer. It certainly isn’t a majority, but at least a third of my petition signatures were from undergraduate students. I suspect an even higher percentage will be this year for Peter and Craig.

  3. Dizzy


    How does one arrange a sweet deal like that? The only person I knew who managed to swing such a thing was someone who was the highest ranking student employee in Housing and managed to secure one of the Village A rooftops for himself and his friends for basically two years. Other than that, though, Housing is usually pretty inflexible about bending you to their will, especially since so many of the residence halls get taken up over the summer by conferences and the dreaded summer high school programs.

    More importantly, and it’s entirely possible that this has changed since when I was an undergrad – how many students actually register to vote in the District using their residence hall addresses? Granted, one-third of 25 is 8 or 9 people, so we’re not exactly talking about large numbers here, but I honestly did not know of a single student living on campus, aside from the actual ANC student commissioner, who had registered to vote in DC. Perhaps the campus plan and the DCSS registration drives have made it more of a thing?

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