Jack Evans not Favorite for Mayor but Well Positioned

Photo by D. Clow – Maryland.

As you probably know, Mayor Vincent Gray is embroiled in a scandal relating to his 2010 campaign to defeat Adrian Fenty. There have been steady calls for his resignation (and, to be fair, other equally steady calls for him to remain in office pending the criminal investigation). While Gray has stated that he has no intention of stepping down, the gravity of the allegations swirling around him has lead to widespread speculation about his possible replacement.

Yesterday the Post issued the results of a poll showing a majority of residents believing that Gray should resign. Today they have rolled out a new set of poll results that gauge what sort of support his possible replacements have. And there’s some good news-bad news for Georgetowner Jack Evans, who has expressed an interest in running for mayor.

First the good news: of the three councilmembers most likely to run for mayor (Evans, Muriel Bowser (D Ward 4), and Tommy Wells (D Ward 6)) Evans has the most citywide favorability rating. The bad news is that it’s only 35%. Bowser’s is 23% and Wells’s is 27%. (Click here for the rest of the poll numbers, some are rather eye-popping.)

While Bowser does not have as high favoribility ratings, most political pundits put her as the initial favorite, should a special election be held. She is popular in her ward, she is a protegee of the newly popular Fenty–the Post found that if the 2010 election were held again, Fenty would win–and she is African American in a city whose electorate is still a majority Black even if the population isn’t.

But with his strong favorability ratings, Evans is well positioned to build off those numbers. Finally, an ace up his sleeve is that in a special election independents and Republicans would be allowed to vote. Evans’s reputation for fiscal conservatism (or obsession over tax cuts, depending on your point of view) would likely be popular with Republicans and independents.

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