Finishing Touches on Streets Throughout West Village


Over the weekend, work crews moved methodically around west Georgetown repaving stretches of road left rough from over a year of construction on O and P Streets.

GM was aware that the work crews were going to finally repave the O and P St. intersections once the cobblestone/streetcar track sections were done. But since the work tore up streets all over the neighborhood to remove and recover old buried streetcar tracks, the repaving was equally extensive.

Oddly, there’s still a stretch of streetcar track still getting worked on. The block of O St. from Wisconsin to 33rd is still torn up. It should be done soon, and the whole project can wrap up!

As for the newly paved intersections, GM thinks they represent a lost opportunity. GM doesn’t see why they couldn’t have maintained the cobblestone and tracks across these intersections. It would maintain the aesthetic better and would be perfectly safe. Actually, it would be even safer since intersections with rough surfaces slow cars down. At the very least, GM wishes they considered some sort of a stamped concrete like this:

Actually, GM wishes that all intersections on the side streets had something like this…


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5 responses to “Finishing Touches on Streets Throughout West Village

  1. TJ

    Speaking of road construction, is there any update on the 29th Street bridge work below M? I know there were complications, but it’s getting ridiculous at this point

  2. Walter

    The 29th St bridge reconstruction has encountered significant delays because of the utilities work, with Pepco’s power lines being the main culprit. All the utilities (gas, water, telecom) are now in their final position between the bridge spans, except for Pepco’s lines. Once Pepco’s lines are moved, the deck, already fabricated, will be placed atop the steel girders and the bridge finished soon thereafter.

  3. TJ

    Thanks for the info! Any word on a timeline?

  4. Walter

    I’d guess street will be open 6-8 weeks after the Pepco lines are moved,

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