Pizzeria Uno Closes

After over thirty years near the intersection of M and Wisconsin, Pizzeria Uno (or Uno Chicago Grill as it’s called these days) has closed.

The restaurant has long since become the near exclusive domain of tourists. So much so that for the most part, GM forgot it was even there. It’s surprising, therefore, to read through the Washington Post archives back in the 1980s when Uno’s first came to Georgetown. Would Tom Sietsema even bother to review Uno’s these days? But back in 1985 he wrote “Georgetown’s Pizzeria Uno is a yup-to-the minute maze made cozy with brick walls and wood trim, brass railings and ferns, staffed by a likable, if amateur, crew of mostly student-waiters…Pizzeria Uno has a lot to offer: a location in the heart of Georgetown, filling food at modest prices and a lively spirit-just what you’d want from a pizzeria.”

The restaurant’s closing now places a fairly large vacant space square in the middle of the commercial corridor. It has a lot of potential, and GM hopes the next tenant can live up to it. It also brings to mind another great space right in the center of Georgetown that until recently sold Italian food: Pappa Razzi. Hopefully neither will remain vacant for very long.



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9 responses to “Pizzeria Uno Closes

  1. I did wonder how it was able to hold on for so long. I associate it with my student days back in the early ’90s, when Georgetown was VERY different (e.g. there was a Burger King across the street.)

  2. Pallavi

    I’ve thought about how it managed to still stay open as well – it was definitely an early 90’s student memory for me too!

  3. RNM

    If we are going to go early 1990s student memories…I still miss the Swensen’s on Wisconsin. Back on pizza, living with a Chicagoland transplant, what we need is a Geno’s East to bring really good deep dish.

  4. Carol Joynt

    Pizzeria Uno … where Bradley Cooper worked while he was a student at GU (told to me when he was having a pop at Nathans while filming “Wedding Crashers.”)

  5. Former PCV

    Long before I moved to DC, I ate my last meal in the US before leaving for the Peace Corps at that Pizzeria Uno. I thought of that pizza many times over the next couple of years!!

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  8. Michael Lubeck

    I worked there. Horrible experience but they gave me a job when i was staying at the shelter. Turned into a nightmare though. At least i made enough to buy a bus ticket home.

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