Now and a Long Time Ago: 33rd and P

This week on Now and a Long Time Ago, GM walked down a block and a half from his house to check out 33rd and P. GM is still working out some kinks in his computer, so this week he’s trying out a new way to merge the old with the new, what do you think?

The full old shot is here, taken from the wonderful repository of old streetcar photos:

From Ed Havens notes from this shot: “DC Transit #766 in Georgetown on one of the single track paired streets that led to a conduit changing pit and the trolley line to suburban Cabin John (which ran under overhead trolley wire).”

According to the National Capital Trolley Museum “Further [track] abandonments were carried out on January 3, 1960, December 3, 1961, and finally January 28, 1962. During that period of time, NCTM car 766 participated in many farewell trips, including final runs to Glen Echo, and Mt. Pleasant.” GM believes the picture above is from one of those farewell trips

It’s fitting to consider today a photo of one of the last streetcar rides on these tracks. Tomorrow the city will cut the ribbon on the reconstructed tracks. We’ll probably never see streetcars on these tracks again, but at least this photo can help us imagine.

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  1. Commenting just to say how cool that shot is. Keep up the good work.

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