The Georgetown Metropolis


3000 block of R St.



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3 responses to “The Georgetown Metropolis

  1. I have long wondered about the history of this object. Is there a connection to Mormonism (the beehive)? Nothing appears on it in the Peabody Room’s file on the house.

  2. Interestingly, 3114 R was once the home of Idaho Senator Fred T. Dubois who, as his 2/15/1930 Post obit reports, “led the great fight waged against the Mormons and is held mainly responsible for the suppression of bigamy in this country.” It goes on to say that, “the Mormons themselves later proved his best friends – and he theirs, it is said.”

    Maybe this was a gift from mainstream / assimilationist Mormons? Are there any inscriptions on it?

  3. Charmed

    The beehive was a fairly common symbol for industry. My high school’s seal, which was created in 1794, features a beehive.

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