Mie N Yu Closes


As reported by the Citypaper yesterday, Georgetown’s Mie n Yu has closed. The Silk Road themed restaurant has been open since 2003 (GM’s always wondered whether it got its theme from the fantastic 2002 Smithsonian Folk Life Festival.) And just this year, it was nominated as having one of the best bathrooms in the country.

Last year when Hook closed, GM noted that the seafood restaurant had been the last restaurant to open with any “buzz” in Georgetown. And he noted that before that restaurant opened in 2008, the next previous “buzzy” restaurant was Mie n Yu. Only two noteworthy restaurants opened in Georgetown in ten years and now they’re both gone.

GM heard a rumor about Mie n Yu’s closing about a month ago. At the time he reached out to the restaurant for confirmation. He received back from the general manger a lengthy and unequivocal denial that there was any truth to the rumor. After a few other inquiries came up dry, he decided not to publish it. GM considers it a lesson learned; he won’t be so naive in the future when dealing with restaurant flacks.


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3 responses to “Mie N Yu Closes

  1. Layla

    That seems a bit pessimistic – Unum and Bandolero have both generated considerable ‘buzz’ and are both excellent. And we’re quite excited about Malmaison coming soon.

  2. Gregg

    Mie N Yu was simply awful (at least foodwise). Hook was very inconsistent (ditto). Bandolero might have some staying power, but it’s loud, dark (even now) and a lot of the dishes simply don’t work. Maybe Jose Andres or Ashok Bajaj can open up something where Mie N Yu used to be. We are in dire need of a great restaurant.

  3. viking78

    Agree with Layla, Bandolero is excellent and I’ve heard great things about Unum. Mie N Yu was never good, and their drink prices were absolutely ridiculous. Over the years, the decor also became tattered and dirty looking. I won’t miss it.

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