Coming and Going By Bike

Photo by Adminspotter.

This has been a great week for Capital Bikeshare! It started off with Slate naming it the best bikeshare program in the country. And now the inestimable M.V. Jantzen has created a program that allows you to click on any bikeshare station and find out where people ride to from that station and where people road from to arrival there.

The data for the Georgetown stations (taken from the 3rd quarter of 2012) is predictable, but interesting. Check them out:

Wisconsin and Canal:

  • Top Paired Station: Dupont Circle – 789 trips – 434 to here and 355 back

K and 30th:

  • Top Paired Station: Also Dupont Circle – 522 trips – 370 to here and 152 back

Georgetown University:

  • Top Paired Station: Dupont – 599 trips – 279 to here and 320 back

M and Pennsylvania:

  • Top Paired Station: Dupont Circle – 866 – 495 to here and 371 back


  • Top Paired Station: Georgetown University – 371 trips – 106 to here and 266 back

Each station with the exception of the Safeway station had more arrivals from its top pair than departures to. The Safeway one is interesting as well since it appears to be very popular with GU students, who apparently are more likely to walk to the station than ride a bike there.

Dupont is a popular link for the Georgetown stations. This probably demonstrates that a lot of people likely take the train to the Dupont Metro and then take a bike to get to Georgetown.

The Rosslyn Metro stop is also popular. It was a close second link with the Wisconsin and Canal station and the GU station.

Play around with the tool. It’s really cool.



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4 responses to “Coming and Going By Bike

  1. Q St Neighbor

    I think the Safeway-GU asymmetry can be explained by topography: Safeway is uphill from GU.

  2. Connected to Q Street neighbor’s thought, it’s possible that the Safeway stop is used as a last-mile (or in this case, last .5 mile) connection for people taking the 32 or 36 bus or the Circulator with GU as a final destination. Hop off at Safeway and ride down 34th or 35th to get to campus. For those riders, on the opposite trip, walking slightly downhill on O street to pick up the bus at Georgetown Inn is an easy jaunt.

    Alternatively, GU students are walking to Safeway empty handed, and slinging a couple of grocery bags onto the bikes for their ride home.

    Either way, it’s only 3-4 trips per day over the quarter. It will be interesting to see if this pattern changes (either in volume or direction) for the fourth quarter, when students are back in session.

    I’m still a bit surprised that more GU students don’t use Bikeshare, but I also think you would need to have campus be a mini-network unto itself in order for students to think of it as a transportation solution. If students see it as a way to get from LXR to Yates Field House (a 4 minute ride replacing a 10-15 minute walk), or a house in Burleith to Leo’s dining hall, then the “everyday” use will lead to more venturing out.

  3. Q St Neighbor

    It’s also relatively easy to get to Safeway via the Wisconsin Ave GUTS shuttle, but not as convenient to go back to campus (that’s the first of several stops so a long route back, and harder to time the pick-up when shopping).

    Or, it could be all of these things! The great thing about bikeshare is that people can and do use it for very different purposes.

    I agree that students would be more interested if they could use the bikes to navigate campus. The proposed stations on Wisconsin & O might also increase GU student usage (e.g. going to Wisey’s, Wingo’s, CVS). Dupont is just far enough that the GUTS shuttle might seem like a better option (especially if dressed for work/internship).

  4. BTW, Mobility Lab has a new post that included a look at the cluster of CaBi stations in Georgetown: Neighborhood Clusters Added to Updated Capital Bikeshare Trip Visualizer.

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