A Chance to Pretend to be Crazy Rich


As you may recall, in 2011 local scientists/insanely rich couple Sachiko Kuno and Ryuji Ueno bought the historic estates of Evermay and Halcyon House. Their purchases has proven to be a boon to community. Through their charitable organization, the S & R Foundation, the couple has regularly flung open the gates of Evermay and hosted a fantastic music series.

The spring season was recently announced (the schedule is below). These concerts offer a wonderful opportunity to explore this beautiful property, take in some fabulous music, and pretend (at least for a little bit) that you too are insanely wealthy.

GM hasn’t had the opportunity to catch a concert here (he’s heard good things) but he has had the opportunity several times to poke around the estate and the mansion. It’s like the set of Clue. All it needs is some random weapons lying around and some secret pathways.

Tickets are going fast, so if you want it to be you in the conservatory with the playbill, act fast:

  • March 26: Tamaki Kawakubo and Ori Kam, Duo, Evermay Estate
  • April 4*: Keiko Matsui, Piano, Evermay Estate
  • May 17* & 24: Soichi and Kaori Muraji, Guitar, Evermay Estate
  • May 29: Overtures Chamber Music Project, Evermay Estate

(Note that there are more S & R Concerts held at the Kennedy Center. Here’s the full calender.)

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