Irish Pub to Take Over Mei n Yu Space

Update: it’s going to be a Ri Ra.

GM heard a rumor from a reliable source over the weekend that an Irish pub was planning on taking over the old Mei n Yu space on M St. GM did not learn the exact name of the restaurant, but was informed that it was, sadly, a chain.

While pretty much all chain Irish restaurants lack authenticity, at least some aren’t that bad. Ri Ra and Fado’s come to mind. But many are pretty terrible. Just look down Pennsylvania Ave. to McFadden’s (which, when it opened, the owners laughably tried to claim would not become a college bar).

And there is the execrable Tilted Kilt. Ostensibly a Scottish Hooters, this deep fried testament to the decline of American civilization is really more of an Irish/English pub and simply appropriates Scottish culture for its plaid. (As a grandson of a Scotsman, GM is particularly annoyed that a restaurant trading on his grandfather’s culture doesn’t have the courage to actually serve some of its cuisine.)

Rant aside, it’s interesting that with all its Irish history and many pubs, Georgetown doesn’t have any Irish pubs. Well, none other than Martin’s, which is so far on the other end of the “Irish Pub” spectrum from your average Guinness-ad-saturated chain restaurant that it hardly feels like an Irish pub in the first place.

So there seems to be room for an overly commercialized Irish pub in Georgetown. GM just prays its not that “breasteraunt” Tilted Kilt.


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6 responses to “Irish Pub to Take Over Mei n Yu Space

  1. chefj1

    It’s funny, it never hit me that Georgetown didn’t already have an Irish pub. As for chains, in addition to Ri Ra and Fado, Tir Na Nog is another decent option that would be a net plus, despite the chain status.

  2. RNM

    As always, don’t get the hatred of chains. Guess as soon as a business expands it must be bad in the eyes of some. Hope you will call for closure of Dean and Deluca. And all the calling for Eataly which is about to start massive world wide expansion, might as well kill that too. Oh, to be so above the riff raff and their little chains…

  3. Shipsa01

    “While pretty much all chain Irish restaurants lack authenticity, at least some aren’t that bad. Ri Ra and Fado’s come to mind.”

    Ah, you got me with your April Fools joke!

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  5. Bring back Matt Kane’s!

  6. Asuka


    It has to do with the Urbanist New York City insecurity. When given a choice, American Urbanists want to be European, but if they can’t be European, they wish to be New Yorkers. What they don’t seem to know is that their idealized idea of what NYC is doesn’t exist; Manhattan (and even the Urbanist heaven Brooklyn), has been colonized by chains. It’s all part of a never-ending quest to rise above their icky middle-class roots and claim a hip, “progressive” moral superiority.

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