This Sounds Awfully Familiar

Photo by Flying Lester.

Stop GM if you’ve heard this before: A venerable boathouse, which has stood for decades on a river in an American city, providing boat rentals to generations of residents and visitors, suddenly loses is lease with the government, and has weeks to get out.

Sounds like Jack’s Boathouse, no? Close, but in this case, the river is the Charles and the city is Boston.

From the Boston Globe:

For decades, Charles River Canoe and Kayak has been moored to the state’s historic boathouse in Newton, offering paddling classes and renting equipment to scores of area families and boaters. But change is ahead…The company has been at the boathouse…for 40 years. “We built it to what it is today.”

The five-year permit to operate out of the boathouse went instead to Boston Outdoor Recreation, an 11-year-old company run by Michael Aghajanian.

Recognize that last name? That’s the exact same vendor that is taking over Jack’s space.


Paranoid minds might sense a conspiracy, but GM sees just an aggressive company building a business. While there are some parallels, there are some big differences too. It sounds like Charles River Canoe and Kayak tried to bid and lost. Jack’s Boathouse didn’t bid, since they suspected they would not get a fair chance.

Also, this can’t be some cross-NPS effort to kick out venerable old vendors: the government agency in this newer case is the state of Massachusetts.

Either way, if you happen to run a decades-old boathouse, better watch your back.

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  1. RobRob

    Ahem… I believe you mean Commonwealth.

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