How Metro’s Mid Term Future Affects Georgetown’s Long Term Future


What Metro plans to do over the next ten years will significantly impact if and when Metro finally comes to Georgetown. GM recently became aware of a report by Metro’s long term planning project: Momentum.

The report is chock full of interesting stuff regarding the future of Metro, but today GM wants to focus on what Metro’s plans are for our neighbors to the south.

As part of preparing for the Silver Line, Metro made a couple of significant changes to rush hour service on the Blue Line. Called “Rush Plus“, the changes resulted in fewer Blue line trains going through Rosslyn during rush hour (essentially Metro added more Yellow line service and reduced Blue line service).

Metro doesn’t view this as a permanent solution to crowding at the Rosslyn-Foggy Bottom tunnel. So Metro is planning a fix, with two options:

  • Either they will add a interline connection that would allow trains to travel between the Blue and the Orange/Silver lines (i.e. a train could go straight from Courthouse to Rosslyn to Arlington Cemetery), or
  • Build a second Rosslyn station.

The first option has a lot of benefits, albeit mostly for Virginians. It would directly connect southern Arlington/Alexandria with the Rosslyn-Balston corridor, Tyson’s and, eventually, Dulles Airport. It would also allow for more train traffic along the Orange and Silver lines west of Rosslyn.

The second option has less immediate benefits. More Blue line trains would reach Rosslyn than now, but they’d terminate there, with passengers traveling through a tunnel to get over to the existing station for transfer to the Orange or Silver lines.

But the construction of a second Rosslyn station would be great news for Georgetown. That’s because the main reason to build a second Rosslyn station is for it to be the staging point for a new separated Blue line. This new Blue line would cross under the Potomac and have one or even two Georgetown stations. It would then travel eastward (most likely under M St.) through downtown to Union Station, and then eastward from there.

This study is about what Metro will look like in 2025. Any talk of a Georgetown station is typically shunted off to the more realistic 2040-time table. But if we’re going to even meet that deadline, we need shorter term decisions like the Rosslyn station one to start lining up. And those plans are being made right now. So get involved!


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