More Details on What a Metro to Georgetown Would Look Like

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about changes to the Rosslyn Metro Stop, GM thought it would make sense to re-run an article he published a few years ago laying out more details of what a new Metro line through Georgetown would look like:

Earlier this week, GM went over all that you need to know about a Georgetown Metro station. That same day, GGW pointed GM to a little bit more information on the possibility of finally bringing Metro to Georgetown.

GM originally wrote that other than a couple statements about the need to build a new split Blue Line through the central core–which would include a new station in Georgetown–little progress towards planning has been accomplished. That wasn’t quite right.

WMATA has convened a group of regional transportation and land use experts to form the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). TAG has been meeting for a little over a year to plan for the long term future of Metro.

Already the group has issued several reports of the problems Metro faces in the future and the possible solutions. Most interesting, for Georgetown, was the presentation published last October. This presentation discussed, among other solutions, the split Blue Line (as well as a split Yellow Line).

The presentation puts a little meat on the bones in terms of the numbers behind why a new line is needed and how it will help, but there are a couple other interesting points too. For instance, the group is contemplating two Georgetown stations, not just one:

Yes that’s right: a Georgetown University and a Georgetown stop. The presentation doesn’t say this, but perhaps the thinking here (besides the fact that having a GU station would be great) is that the tunnel may be heading in a loop in order to give the tunnel more ground to come back up from underneath the Potomac.

As in earlier plans, the line would head down M St. before taking a right underneath New Jersey Ave. to Union Station and out H St. An alternative plan calls for the line to head down Virginia Ave. through Foggy Bottom and on towards the Mall before it also heads back to Union Station.

The presentation estimates that a Georgetown station would have over 14,000 weekday boardings. For reference, in 2009 Union Station had the most weekday boardings with 34,000, but the average per station is about 8,600. So a Georgetown station would be one of the most popular stations (14,000 would put it in the top 15 stations out of 86).

So when exactly? Well TAG hasn’t reached the point of setting target dates except to use 2040 as a future state date for the purposes of comparing the options. So let’s set the first outside bar at thirty years…


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