Restaurants Finally Making up for Lost Ground

3000 block of R St.

Last year Georgetown continued to grow out of the Great Recession downturn. But one notable exception was the restaurant scene. Between the beginning of 2012 and 2013, there was a net loss of 15 restaurants in Georgetown. While we probably haven’t made up all that loss, recently we’ve made up a lot of it and will gain even more soon.

This year has seen a bunch of new restaurants open here. Here are the ones GM could think of in no particular order:

  • Capitol Prague (and cafe)
  • Malmaison
  • Rye Bar
  • the Grill Room (both of these are in the new Capella hotel)
  • Good Stuff Eatery
  • Noodles and Co.
  • Kintaro (in the old J. Chocolatier space)

Later this year we’ll see El Centro move into the late/not-so-great Third Edition. Fiola Mare will open on the waterfront. Shop House will come to the old Furin’s space. And I Thai will move into the old Garret’s space.

Is GM missing any?

Yes we’ve also lost a couple already: Grill Fire Kabob and the aforementioned J. Chocolatier. But it looks like by the time GM does his survey again next winter, we’ll have made a significant net gain in restaurants.


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