Politics and Prose Branch Contemplated For Georgetown

Old Georgetown Theater, Soon to Be Empty, Still For Sale


As reported by Carol Joynt, there is a group of Georgetown residents leading an effort to bring a bookstore/community gathering place to Georgetown, and the iconic Politics and Prose is interested in being part of it.

Joynt writes:

Politics & Prose, the popular Cleveland Park bookstore that has made a name for itself with often news-making “author talks,” is considering opening its first branch store in Georgetown. “We were approached recently by a group who are very interested in having us open a branch in Georgetown. We’re definitely interested,” Bradley Graham confirmed to Washingtonian…The location under consideration, Graham says, is the old Georgetown Theater building.

GM has been aware of this effort for a while, and it really seems like it has a chance. But plenty of challenges remain. The theater has been on the market for years, with an originally quoted price of $4.9 million. The cost to rehab the building will also be fairly steep. And that’s where you may come in.

The working idea is that the project will be financed with crowd-sourcing. There’s some precedent in Georgetown for neighbors stepping up to keep a beloved institution around: the effort to guarantee the future of Scheele’s market was built on neighbor contributions.

The challenges remain, but the individuals behind the effort, including BID CEO Joe Sternlieb, are dedicated and have a clear vision for what this could mean for residents and the business community.



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5 responses to “Politics and Prose Branch Contemplated For Georgetown

  1. If this happens, I would love to contribute information from the Peabody Room about the long history of this address to be featured in a small, permanent exhibit placed inside the business!

  2. I am IN. Best and most encouraging idea I’ve heard for improving Gtown in a long time. And just imagine if even a small movie screen could fit into this picture for occasional screenings, along with a cafe etc., I’m not sure I would ever leave ..

  3. It would be so great for Georgetown – not just a book store, but real community center as well!!

  4. Lots of anti-Georgetown comments on Politics and Prose Facebook page. I am one of the few with positive comments. Please go to FB and put your comments there, as well

  5. I am completely behind this and it would be a fantastic thing for the neighborhood. Happy to help/support any way I can. Any idea how to get in touch with these other neighbors and be a part of the process?

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