Council Reverses Ill-Conceived Visitor Pass Policy

Photo by Matt Hurst.

As GM wrote back in August, DDOT proposed a terribly ill-conceived policy shift regarding visitor parking passes. The plan was to expand the pilot visitor pass program city-wide. While this would probably be welcome in neighborhoods like the Palisades, it would be a disaster for neighborhoods like Georgetown.

GM wasn’t alone in criticizing this policy. The ANC and CAG expressed reservations. And several councilmembers also came out against the policy. And in fact, as reported by the Current this week, the council jumped in to reverse the policy.

The previous policy will continue for now. For Georgetown that means that no annual visitor passes will be available. If you have a guest and need a pass, you need to go to the police station and request one.

While GM thought DDOT’s proposal was awful, the current system isn’t really that great either. Getting to the police station takes time, particularly if you don’t have a car yourself.

Hopefully this reversal will mean DDOT will return to the long-term project to intelligently change Georgetown’s parking policies. Among the likely changes was (at least before DDOT went off the rails) a system of coupons or printable passes that would allow a resident to quickly and easily obtain a temporary parking pass without creating the same possibility of a black market as the annual pass would create.

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