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How to Care for Our Street Trees

Watering boy by Jon Hayes Photography.

With the onset of summer weather, GM thought it wise to reprint the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of tree care that he ran last year. So without further ado, all the things you ought to do to keep our street trees alive:

Do #1 – Water, Water, Water

There is one thing that trees, particularly young ones, need above all else: water. Yes, we’ve had a pretty rainy spring, but our summers can be brutal on trees. We can go weeks without a significant rainfall. And even when we get those typical summer flash storms, most of the water runs straight to the storm drains and fails to reach the trees.

That’s why it’s incumbent on us to keep our trees fully watered. The basic goal you should have is to water young trees at least once a week, so long as you get a good 20-25 gallons of water. You should start when the trees start leafing in the spring and continue all the way until they lose their leaves in the fall. Continue reading

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