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Marketing Georgetown

This month, the Georgetowner has an interesting piece about the internal skirmishes at the Georgetown BID over the proper approach to improve the business climate in Georgetown. According to the article, two camps emerged over the $5 million budget in particular:

Few disagreed that marketing is essential to Georgetown’s business campaign. The line in the sand is drawn, however, over how exactly these funds should be appropriated. The resulting skirmish looks microcosmically like a Congressional budgetary war, with one side advocating greater revenue, the other more judicious spending of present funds.

By the end of the meeting, it would appear the first side carried the day; by strawpoll the group decided to reconsidered (upward)  the tax assessment structure.

While they are considering their marketing budget and strategy GM has one suggestion for the BID: Update your webpage and initiate an integrated advertising campaign. Continue reading


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