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The Morning Metropolitan

Big Wheel Bikes by Kineyas.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Two purse-snatches in Georgetown yesterday: one on Wisconsin near R and the other on M St. Few details released yet, but MPD has warned about the spike in iPhone snatches, which these could be. So be careful when fiddling with your smartphones.
  • That sweet sound of dings and springs will soon be here.
  • Funny article, hilarious title.



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National Pinball Museum Coming to Georgetown

Photo by freakgirl.

Soon Georgetown may be host to just about the most fun national museum in Washington: theĀ National Pinball Museum. A product of one man’s nearly lifelong love of the game, the museum right now is a collection of more thanĀ 800 pinball games stored in a warehouse behind David Silverman’s Silver Spring home. Silverman hopes to set up a museum proper in the Georgetown Park mall this summer.

Taking over the space previously occupied by an F.A.O. Schwartz, the National Pinball Museum would be a multifaceted shrine to what is GM’s favorite way to spend a few quarters. The museum would include a theater showing movies about pinball, classrooms and teaching areas, a permanent exhibit on the history of pinball, and, best of all, a rotating collection of playable pinball games. Continue reading


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