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WMATA Proposes to Stop Weekend Late-Night Bus Service

Yesterday, Georgetown Current’s Carol Buckley alerted GM to the draconian plan that WMATA is floating to close a massive budget gap. Among other changes, the proposal would stop all weekend late-night bus service between Georgetown and Dupont Circle and cut early morning service as well.

What WMATA is specifically proposing is the following:

  • D2
    • Cut off all bus service at 12:44 Friday night and 12:55 Saturday night (that’s four different buses each night).
  • G2
    • Cut off all westbound service from Howard at 11:44 Friday night and 11:47 Saturday night. Cut off all eastbound from GU at 12:18 Friday night and 12:22 Saturday night.
    • Add one minute to morning peak headways and three minutes to evening peak headways
    • Add a whopping 10 minutes(!) to all Saturday and Sunday headways (i.e., now buses will come every 40 minutes all-day instead of every half-hour). Continue reading


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