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The Morning Metropolitan

Flood walls at the waterfront by M.V. Jantzen.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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The Great Georgetown Bugaboo Part II: How We Really Get There From Here

Last week GM explored the question of cars and parking in Georgetown by digging into the Census records to determine what the actual car ownership levels are in Georgetown. The somewhat surprising results demonstrated that the parking problem in Georgetown may be caused more by multi-car households than it is caused by a density of residents. This week GM looks into what we do (or don’t do) with those cars every morning.

GM first started thinking about these questions after the last ANC meeting. At one point Commissioner Bill Skelsey argued that when he has to drive around for a half an hour at the end of the day looking for parking, that’s time he can’t spend with his kids (a point made in critique of a proposed curb cut). GM left the meeting wondering: is that the experience of most Georgetowners, or is Skelsey a minority? Should the ANC be worried about Georgetowners spending time away from their loved ones while circling around the block, or do most of us get to work some other way?

The interesting results after the jump: Continue reading


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About that Nextbus Link

You may notice above the masthead a link to a Nextbus page.  That page explains how you can receive, right now, real-time information about when a Metrobus will actually arrive. Many Georgetown residents, including GM, take Metrobus almost everyday. Until that Georgetown subway finally opens, Metrobus is one of the only transit options for us (many also take the GBID’s “blue-now-white” bus or the Georgetown University shuttle, though they’re not hooked up to Nextbus). Getting accurate information about when buses will actually show up makes the bus riding experience much better, particularly on the weekends when the bus may only show up every 45 minutes or so.

Caveat: the 30’s series and the Circulator aren’t hooked up yet either. Hopefully they’ll be part of the final roll-out next year.


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