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How to Use Nextbus

At the top of the Georgetown Metropolitan has been a link to a page explaining how to use the test site for Nextbus. Once WMATA discovered that people were using the test site without their permission, they shut it down. Thus the instructions on GM’s page have been futile. But since July 1, Nextbus has been officially rolled out. Here is how to use it:

Step One:

Go to either WMATA’s page or Nextbus’ page. (GM will explain the benefits and drawbacks to each below)

Step Two:

Select your route.

Step Three:

Select your stop

Select your stop.

Step Three-and-a-half:

If you used Nextbus’ website, you need to select a destination. Select “Show predictions for all vehicles”.

If you’re using the WMATA site, just skip the destination choice.

Step Four:


Find out what your wait is. You should bookmark this page in order to skip ahead next time you need it, particularly if you have smartphone (GM has his most frequent bus stops bookmarked in his blackberry).

WMATA Platform vs. Nextbus Platform Continue reading


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The Morning Metropolitan

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

Photo of crackling window by Flickr user Ohad* used under a Creative Commons license.

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The Morning Metropolitan

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

Photo of canal by Flickr user singlecupofcoffee used under Creative Commons license.

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30 Series Buses Now Available on NextBus

30s Series Finally on NextBus

As described here, the great NextBus system is available right now (even though it’s supposed to be in a testing phase). When GM first reported it though, the 30 series wasn’t hooked up. This meant the service wasn’t that helpful to a whole lot of Georgetown residents.

Well at some point recently the NextBus system added the 30 Series. Check it out here.


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Possible Changes to the D Series Announced

The D2

As discussed here, WMATA is considering changes to the D Series. After a series of meetings the consultants have come up with some initial recommendations. Some of them are quite radical and quite different than GM expected. Find out what they are after the jump:

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About that Nextbus Link

You may notice above the masthead a link to a Nextbus page.  That page explains how you can receive, right now, real-time information about when a Metrobus will actually arrive. Many Georgetown residents, including GM, take Metrobus almost everyday. Until that Georgetown subway finally opens, Metrobus is one of the only transit options for us (many also take the GBID’s “blue-now-white” bus or the Georgetown University shuttle, though they’re not hooked up to Nextbus). Getting accurate information about when buses will actually show up makes the bus riding experience much better, particularly on the weekends when the bus may only show up every 45 minutes or so.

Caveat: the 30’s series and the Circulator aren’t hooked up yet either. Hopefully they’ll be part of the final roll-out next year.


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