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Tree Week: The Good Work of Trees For Georgetown

Welcome back to day two of Tree Week here at the Georgetown Metropolitan. Today GM would like to spend a little time letting you know of all the good work that Trees For Georgetown does to improve and sustain Georgetown’s vital tree canopy.

As discussed yesterday, Trees For Georgetown was founded in 1989 by a group of four three neighbors concerned about the state of street trees in Georgetown. They were Flo Stone, Outerbridge Horsey and Anne Witherspoon. Eventually Trees For Georgetown merged with the Citizens Association of Georgetown and is now a subcommittee of CAG. But, it should be pointed out that Trees For Georgetown is totally self-financed and no CAG membership dues go towards supporting Trees for Georgetown’s projects.

And what are those projects you ask? Well every year, Trees for Georgetown plants nearly fifty street trees around Georgetown. In the past the organization has tried different methods to accomplish this. For instance, they used to simply pay a commercial nursery to plant the trees. Unfortunately these commercial nurseries were expensive and didn’t really do a good job anyway. Continue reading


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