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ANC Roundup: Keep That Yogaing Down Edition

Photo by Go Interactive Wellness.

Last night the ANC met for its May session (GM forgot to give you a preview; sorry about that). Here’s what GM could stick around long enough to catch:

Non-Conforming Yoga

The lawyer representing the landlord of the space that was once occupied by Govinda Gallery (the corner of 34th and Prospect) was there requesting a change to zoning. The block in question (the Govinda space, as well as the other shops on the corner) is zoned residential. All the commercial uses in that space exist simply because they were grandfathered in since the 1950s. But non-conforming uses (as such grandfathering is called) can only be what it always was. Thus if a building has housed a market, new markets may open in that space, but a barber wouldn’t be permitted without zoning relief.

The owner of this block would like to sign up a yoga studio to take over the old gallery space and some of the other vacant space. Since there wasn’t a yoga store there already, they need zoning approval.

The ANC recognized that all things considered, yoga studios are pretty low impact. Most customers walk to the studio and they don’t create much noise. But as originally drafted, the applicant was seeking approval to conduct instructional classes. This would cover yoga, but it would also cover karate and spin classes. Both much louder uses.

The ANC negotiated with the attorney that the request would be limited to just yoga and a small retail store selling yoga clothes and equipment.

They then negotiated over hours, finally settling on a 9:30 pm closing time. Continue reading


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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Brownpau.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • More yoga coming to Georgetown next year.
  • It seems pretty obvious to GM that Albrecht Muth is a fabulist, not delusional. It appears the doctors at St. E’s feel that way now too.

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Tudor Place to Add Yoga

Yoga at Tudor Place

Do you like yoga? Do you like late 18th century manors? If you said yes to both those questions then Tudor Place has something perfect for you: Every Friday morning starting in August there will be a yoga session held in the gardens. It’s a beautiful setting, and GM has often wondered what it would be like to take in the scenery with his leg wrapped around neck. If you rsvp on time, and you’re flexible, you can live his dream.

(psst: Dumbarton Oaks, this is yet another example of how Tudor Place makes itself a good neighbor while you keep your gates locked up.)

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