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The Citizens Association of Georgetown runs a listserv  for Georgetown residents. GM recommends you sign up, but to spare you reading through a million “where can I find a good handyman” posts, GM will share with you the more interesting posts as they wash over the transom.

Over the last day or so, there has been a minor uproar over a sexual assault that happened on December 11. The MPD police report stated that:

Burglary occurred in the 1300 b/o 36th St. NW on 12/11/2008 630am.  Citizen reports she was awakened by the suspect, a white male, 6′, no further description, standing in her bedroom. Suspect fled when citizen awakened.

Residents on 36th St. were confused and troubled by the report, wondering why they didn’t hear anything about this from their neighbors. They didn’t hear about it because it happened in Georgetown dorm. It’s just the peculiar quirk of the MPD reports that the entire Georgetown University campus is reduced to the “1300 b/o 36th St. NW” University-owned townhouse. 

To help avoid this confusion in the future, GM recommends residents sign up for the RSS Feed from Campus Safety here to receive campus alerts.

Update: As Georgetown Student points out, this incident actually did happen on the 1300 block of 36th st., but it happened in a University-owned townhouse. The fact it occured in University-owned housing still probably contributed to the lack of awareness on the part of the non-student residents. GM still recommends that non-students sign-up for the campus safety RSS feed.

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  1. gtown student

    This was not a Georgetown dorm – it was a townhouse that is owned by the university. This house is indeed located on the 1300 block of 36th street.

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