Bus Etiquette

One of GM’s favorite routines is to call ahead to Pizzeria Paradiso on the way home Thursday night and order a pizza for pick up. By the time the Metro gets to Dupont the pizza is ready and it’s just a short bus ride home to a tasty Neapolitan dinner. But at that hour the bus is normally pretty full. So here’s the etiquette question: is it rude to bring a pizza home on a crowded bus?

GM’s never gotten an audible complaint nor caught a critical glower (although once the driver said “damn that pizza smells good”) but it has occurred to him that sitting on a crowded bus next to someone holding a hot pizza would not be the most pleasant ride. In GM’s defense, Pizzeria Paradiso isn’t exactly the most fragrant pizza in the world and at least it’s a smell most people like (yes, that’s part of the problem, but it’s still better than a smell people don’t like). So, what do you think? Should GM just hoof it for the sake of those that don’t have pizza waiting for them at home, or is it not that big of a deal?



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4 responses to “Bus Etiquette

  1. Melissa

    I think it’s probably ok. I wouldn’t be super excited to sit next to you, but I wouldn’t be upset either. As far as smells on the bus, this is probably one of the less offensive. And as far as food aromas in inappropriate places, this is also probably one of the least offensive (e.g., Chinese take-out in the ER waiting room).

  2. It’s ok, GM, good for you for being a GTowner who uses public transportation! And, it’s better than smelling Burger King on an airplane!

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