Carrying Pizza on the Bus: Rude?

Pizzeria Paradiso Pizza by Joe Beone.

So, GM asked this question a long, long time ago, and he got some advice at the time, but he’s got more readers these days, and he needs some reassurances: Is it totally rude to carry a pizza on the bus?

See, GM has a Thursday night ritual. On the way home from work, he calls and orders a pizza from Pizzeria Paradiso in Dupont. He picks it up when he gets out of the Metro and catches a bus home.

So for about five minutes GM is sitting on a relatively (or sometimes completely) full bus holding a hot pizza. It’s never anything elaborate, just a plain margherita. But it’s still a hot pizza and it can probably be smelled by anyone within a few feet.

Is this rude? Should GM just suck it up and walk the mile home?

OK, and if pizza’s ok, what’s not?


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10 responses to “Carrying Pizza on the Bus: Rude?

  1. slm

    it might help the economy…. encourage everyone on the bus to get a take-out too…

  2. mj

    wow, that’s creepy. i do the EXACT same thin – same pizza paradiso, same ritual, same carrying-it-on-the-bus (probably the same bus too – D2/D4?)

  3. It’s not rude if you’ll share some with me. That pie looks amazing.

  4. No, I don’t think it’s rude at all. This is a city, in said city, people take public transportation, which is awesome. Why should you not get to have your pizza because you ride a bus? Sure it smells amazing and other people are jealous…but so what – they should just get their own pizza.

  5. Rude? Don’t know. Inconsiderate? Absolutely.

  6. EastGeorgetowner

    It’s neither rude or inconsiderate if you are just carrying it, of course not. If you ate it in front others, that would be different, but politely holding it is fine!

  7. whmjr

    It might depend on the toppings, but yours looks fairly safe.

  8. asuka

    Metro rules don’t prohibit transporting food, only consuming it. There’s nothing rude or inconsiderate about it.

  9. gtown

    isn’t the rule on the bus that there is to be no food?

  10. EastGeorgetowner

    PS If you still feel badly about it, you could ask them to put a plastic bag around your box if they have them (or bring one with you), and then tie the handles to seal the box — that would keep the smell contained, and probably your pizza warmer!

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