Daily Crime Summaries Return! But Only For Now

Heeding calls that the DC Crime Map software is non-functional, Chief Lanier reinstated the daily listserv crime summaries. On Tuesday she wrote:

We have recently received feedback from various members of our listserv groups around the city and learned of technical difficulties from various web browsers, with the exception of Internet Explorer. First, I want to thank you for the valuable feedback. To resolve these problems, I have asked our Information Technology staff to review them and develop solutions. I will reinstate the daily crime summaries for listserv postings for the next 30 days to allow I/T staff adequate time to improve upon the crime mapping application.

So it sounds like the daily crime summaries will return, but only for 30 days. After that point, the crime maps will be functional (but still unacceptable to GM) and the daily summaries will end again. It seems like the complaints have hit tin ears. Lanier hears technical difficulties where there are structural failures. Either Crime Maps are a solution in search of a problem, or Cherkis is right that the ultimate objective is just to provide less information to the public to avoid embarrassing bad press.

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