ABRA-Cadabra: A Final List of Georgetown Bars that Will Stay Open Late

According to the Capital Spice blog, the final list of bars and restaurants that will be open late in the District for the inauguration was released by the Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Administration on Friday. Some of those establishments are in Georgetown, however only a handful of them are going to be able to serve alcohol late due to them not having a voluntary agreement. Find out who after the jump:

Establishments that can stay open as long as they choose, but can’t serve drinks after their normal hours:

  • Cafe Bonaparte
  • A Neyla Mediterian Grill (no liquor license)
  • Billy Martin’s
  • Aditi Indian Cuisine (no liquor license)
  • Modern
  • Le Pain Quotidien

Establishments that will be pouring drinks straight through till 4:00, if they choose:

  • Clydes
  • Nathan’s
  • Bistro Francais
  • Four Season’s
  • Bodega (old Manhattan’s)
  • News Cafe

This is not to say that each of these establishments will take advantage of all the allowances. Many might not even be open to the public, and may be rented out for private parties after the balls.



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