Summary of D Series Community Meeting

D Series Changes Coming

Last night was the second of the community meetings with WMATA over possible changes to the D Series lines. For a review, check this out. The consultants got an earful about some changes, and it’s pretty clear the next proposal will be different. Check it out after the jump:

Most of the complaints came from a Pallisades point-of-view, not surprising since 99% of the people there are from Pallisades. Frankly, GM is a little surprised that the first round of changes were not more slanted towards our western neighbors, but that may change in the next round. Here are the biggest comments:

1.         Make D5 a full-time bus line

This is the thing that GM was most surprised that they left out of the first proposal. It’s not like they limited themselves to small ideas, so how this slipped through is a bit of a mystery. Expanding D5 service would be a huge improvement for the Pallisades.  The consultants seemed rather amenable to it.

2.        Don’t cut service

Not a surprising comment, but a fair one nonetheless. With all the confusing cuts and extensions, it’s easy to get confused and think they’re proposing cutbacks. In some places they are, but they try to make up for that by extending other lines. Oddly, the consultants seem to have as a goal to have more crosstown routes, which is exactly opposite what they did with the 30 series.

3.       Don’t change the D2

OK, it was just GM making this point. But the plan put forward to essentially change all D2’s to D1’s is a terrible idea. This would eliminate a neighborhood circulation route and make us subject to downtown congestion.  The effect on Georgetown is mitigated by the extension of the D4 from Union Station to Sibley (that is meant to help the many residents of greater Trinidad who work way over on the west side).

GM will keep an eye on this. If you live in Georgetown, Burleith or Glover Park and don’t want K St. congestion to affect your ride home from the metro, go here and tell them to leave the D2 alone.


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