Dumbarton Oaks Needs More “Flintiness”

Not Flinty

Anyone like GM who likes to visit Dumbarton Oaks frequently has surely had the frustration of seeing Dumbarton Oaks closed for weak reasons. Today they were closed do to “ice covered walks and pathways”. They are always closed after a snowfall, no matter the lightness of the accumulation. This is particularly frustrating for us photographers who would love to capture some shots of the gardens draped in snow.

Perhaps Dumbarton Oaks should take a message from our new president and acquire some “flinty Chicago toughness” and stay open despite a little ice. Or better yet, clear the damn ice.

Even without considering its weather frailness, Dumbarton Oaks is one of the least friendly-to-visitors of the open-to-the-public Georgetown mansions. It’s hours are extremely limited. It rarely holds special events like those held at Tudor Place or Dumarton House. And its overall attitude seems to be to begrudge visitors. GM understands that this is a research facility for Harvard University’s architecture school, but they could definitely learn from their peers at Tudor Place and Dumbarton house how to be better neighbors.

The least they could do is ring them up and borrow some rock salt.


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3 responses to “Dumbarton Oaks Needs More “Flintiness”

  1. w

    Chicago is all flat. They dont have to worry about sliding down a hill into Rock Creek.

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