ANC Gets Fox 5 Treatment

Last night at the ANC meeting, there was a presence you don’t see too much at the meetings: a local news film crew. It’s not clear whether they were there just to report on whatever, or whether they had something in mind. Either way, Fox Five reporter Roby Chavez latched on to the fire hydrant donnybrook and ran with it. Check it out here. (Sorry for the lack of embed, Fox Five doesn’t seem to allow it).

Update: Roby Chavez points us to Fox 5’s new website that allows embeding:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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2 responses to “ANC Gets Fox 5 Treatment

  1. Sorry for the issues on embedding.

    I thank you for your excellent site. GM gives great insight into Georgetown. I was actually there to folo the Apple Store / Gun Store debate, but the hydrant issue took center stage.

    Anyway, we have a new website that begins tomorrow, but you may have a preview with this link. it should allow you to embed.

    if you have an issue, email me. Keep up the great Blog. Peace Roby

  2. Andrew Hallock

    This is unacceptable. I wonder how long this will take to affect insurance rates. This best be on a list for infrastructure improvements along with all of the other broken water mains that have appeared this winter. This is not up to par for a world capital.
    Great blog GM.

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