The Plume is Off the Rose

Vodpod videos no longer available.

People really waited five hours for that? Wow. It’s amazing what a few “accidental” rumors about a giant 2 minute long fireball will do to people’s attentions span…


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2 responses to “The Plume is Off the Rose

  1. J. MacLeod

    Forget the anticlimactic “fireball!” What I’d like to point out is that people are to be seen in the video standing in the plantings along the sea wall of the new waterfront park. Last fall when I walked down to see the park I was surprised to find that a good portion of the wall was not accessible (to the edge of the wall) because of the plant beds.

    Like a child attracted to a puddle, people can’t help being drawn to the closest edge of a river. The next big river event will see hundreds of people stomping through the beds in order to get a better view. I’m not sure there are even railings behind the beds. This fundamental design flaw was so obvious to me. What were the park planners thinking?!

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