Halcyon House Is Slashing Prices

There’s a bumper crop of historic Georgetown mansions for sale right now. GM’s talked about Evermay before, but hasn’t discussed the other landmark property on the market: Halcyon House (once you’re a landmark property you get silly names like that). It went on the market around the same time as Evermay, but for $30 million to Evermay’s $49 million.

Well that difference just got even bigger. On March 26, the asking price of Halcyon House was cut all the way “down” to $19 million. That’s a 37% drop. 

It’s not clear how many potential buyers that will entice. Are there really that many people out there that won’t spend $30 million on a house, but would spend $19 million? Maybe there’s some wealthy magnate that got out when the time was right and knows a steal when he sees one.

The next question: will Evermay follow?


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2 responses to “Halcyon House Is Slashing Prices

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  2. I got married at Halcyon House & if I had $19million, I would plunk it down to live there. 🙂

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