Farewell Social Safeway

Social Safeway is just days away from the wrecking ball. To help bid it adieu, GM took one last trip with his camera:


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7 responses to “Farewell Social Safeway

  1. M8R-qqx89

    Do you happen to know the exact day when the Social Safeway is closing?

  2. GM

    Probably sometime this week the construction crews will close off a big chunk of the parking lot to start some prep work on the plumbing etc. It will be approximately two weeks from that day when the store closes. So it’ll be probably around the 20th to the 22nd. Then it’s only a short 11 months till Social Safeway Mark II opens.

  3. M8R-qqx89


  4. Kat

    When did you go that it was so well stocked and so not crowded? I’m usually fighting 10 people for the last gallon of milk in the store!

  5. LJG

    Kat – I agree!
    Nice video, though 🙂

  6. Awesome video. Almost makes me miss trekking there from the university just for a jar of pickles.

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