All of Georgetown is a Bunch of Gray Boxes, Except for Trinity

Google Earth is the more complicated version of Google Maps. It offers, among other bells and whistles, the ability to see a map with three-dimensional shapes representing actual buildings. Here’s an example from the corner of M and Wisconsin:

M and Wisconsin: a bunch of blocks

While the 3D rendering gives you a rough idea of what shape the buildings are, they certainly are not particularly accurate representations of the buildings’ architecture. The solution: Google Earth lets users submit detailed graphical renderings of the buildings for all the world to see. But in Georgetown there is only one building (or rather group of buildings) that has received this treatment: Trinity Church and school. Check it out after the jump:


What is it about Trinity that it keeps showing up unusually in mapping programs? Just last week GM came across a wedding perpetually recorded in Google streetview:

Who’s responsible for the Trinity renderings? Apparently it’s the work of an architectural firm located on MacArthur Blvd. just west of Georgetown: Cowie Associates. While they’re located close to historic and urban Georgetown and they apparently have a fondness for one of our churches, the firm seems to specialize in bland suburban shopping centers.

They’ve got a talent for 3D renderings though. Maybe with the economic downturn they’ll have fewer big-box stores to design and can get to work changing the rest of Georgetown from gray to full color.


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