Favorite Things – The Architecture

While GM is on his honeymoon he is publishing his top ten favorite things about Georgetown. Today number two: the architecture.
According to the rules of real estate lingo, every single home in Georgetown is a “federal” home. That’s simply not true. This ignorant and broadbrush depiction of Georgetown’s architecture ignores the fact that the village is actually a wonderful cross-section of 19th century architecture.
From pre-federal Georgian buildings, to legitimate Federal homes, through to the vast majority of homes, which are mostly Victorian, Georgetown has it all.
The variety is in style as it is in depth. We’ve got the mansions and grand homes in multiple styles, but we’ve also got a large variety of more modest homes whose original owners couldn’t even afford a “style” (many have had colonial decorations added over the years, which now seem as old as the house despite the fact that they’re probably 50-75 years newer).
GM loves walking through Georgetown gawking at the architecture, and that’s why he selected it as his second favorite thing about Georgetown.


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