ANC Round Up: The Fast Show

7:57 PM.

That was the adjournment time of tonight’s ANC meeting. Assuming the meeting kicked off at 6:30 (GM was a few minutes late), the meeting was a mere hour and a half. That must be some sort of a record. Let’s go to the video tape:

Lap One: Good On Ya Denise

Recently retired CAG President Denise Cunningham was awarded a special commendation from the Commission tonight. Apparently this is the highest reward the ANC can give and as such requires a unanimous vote.

Thankfully the vote was unanimous. Good thing, seeing as they already printed up the special commendation.

Lap Two: Georgetown Billiards Space

Apparently Georgetown Billiards recently closed and the owners of the Eye Bar are planning to open something there. Given the fact that the Eye Bar is more of a club, the commissioners are nervous the replacement for Georgetown Billiards will also be a club. Commissioner Starrels promised that the ANC would force it into being a restaurant, and only a restaurant. However, it’s too early to predict how this will go since no one has made any applications other than to transfer the license over to the new owners.

All in all, it does appear Georgetown has lost forever it’s only air hockey table.

Lap Three: Tour de Trois

The French Embassy is going to request a change to the curb in front of its gates to enable cabs to drop off people without backing up Reservoir Road traffic. The commission approved the proposal. GM is a little concerned about the visual and pedestrian impact of taking out the median between the in and the out driveways, but the commissioners didn’t share his concern. Domage.

Lap Four: No Pit Stop on a Parking Pad

The owners of 3020 Cambridge were back again asking for approval of a parking pad off the alley behind their house. The neighbors are mostly opposed (a couple came out in support of the pad so long as their names weren’t read out loud). There are some equity concerns with this application. Several of the houses on that street have done just what the owners are proposing. Should the ANC be bound to approve all applications since others have parking pads? The commission seems to reject this line of reasoning. GM is inclined to agree. Bad decisions need not obligate more bad decisions just for consistency’s sake.

Besides there’s plenty of parking in the upper East Village.

Bell Lap: Odds and Ends

  • A rep from Jack Evans office gave an update on the Jellef situation: money won’t be included in this year’s budget to purchase the Boys and Girls Club property, but it will likely be paid for from the capital budget. The facilities should remain open without any disruptions for the transfer.
  • The ANC decided to hold off its resolution in support of gay marriage. The resolution was pushed by ex-commissioner Jenna Lowenstein and current commissioner Golds, but it was put on delay to better time it with the Council legislation. Golds estimates that it will be adopted sometime in the next couple meetings. Apparently it is part of a larger effort from a group called DC for Marriage to get resolutions from ANCs across the city to encourage the adoption of gay marriage legislation.
  • That’s it. It really was a fast show.


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3 responses to “ANC Round Up: The Fast Show

  1. Ken Archer

    Thank you sooo much for this round-up of the ANC meeting! More visibility enables others to be engaged in neighborhood issues. Now if CAG would only start publishing agendas or minutes for their meetings, or at the very least make their board decisions at the open meetings instead of the closed board meetings!

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