Griffin Market Chef to Helm Comet Ping Pong

GM didn’t notice the Georgetown angle when he first read about the soap opera at the Chevy Chase pizza joint Comet Ping Pong. Apparently Griffin Market chef and co-owner Laura Bonino will take over as chef at the restaurant.

The new version of Griffin Market that opened last year has been a huge boon the the neighborhood. Under the previous management, the market had declined in quality significantly. It didn’t help that they were robbed several times. Happily, Laura and Riccardo Bonino purchased the market last year and converted the market into an Italian specialty store. It offers European groceries and Italian deli fare. Moreover, it’s a great choice for catering. They catered GM’s post-wedding picnic and it was a huge success.

While GM hopes this won’t affect the offerings at Griffin Market, he nonetheless congratulates Bonino.

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  1. angela

    the gnocchi on thursday’s, they are delicious ….

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