ANC July Preview

ANC2E meets next Monday for the July meeting (despite the fact that it will still be technically what most people call “June”). What’s in store for the last ANC meeting before September? We’ve got liquor, a Piccolo, and some Swedes. Who would want to miss out in that fun?

Prospect Street Moratorium: Right at the top of the agenda is a discussion on a moratorium on an expansion of liquor licenses at 3251 Prospect St. This is home to the Georgetown Court complex which houses such establishments as Morton’s, Peacock Cafe, and the now shuttered Georgetown Billiards. This part of town has long had resident-restaurant friction. Are the residents upping the heat?

Swedes Stretching Out: The Kingdom of Sweden is applying to expand their Chancery space. Apparently they are currently limited to “2.0 floors” (by the way, what’s a tenth of a floor?). The House of Sweden has turned into quite the happening place, how will these plans affect that space?

Piccolo Rising From the Ashes: Ristorante Piccolo has been closed since it was gutted by a fire in October 2008. The owners are coming to the ANC to get approval for a sign scheme and a rooftop deck. It’s great news for the neighborhood for Piccolo to reopen. Once it opens, Georgetown will have its own Little Italy with Piccolo, Paper Moon, and Fratelli La Bufala all on the same block. Salute!


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