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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Tedayten.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Blogger stops by Ristorante Piccolo
  • Second half of that Anthony Lanier interview. Select quote: “The developer would rather see the main street closed to through traffic to keep people from outside of the city using it as a thoroughfare to go downtown. “We should be like every other civilized city: convert into a pedestrian-oriented environment,” said Lanier.” This is why GM would elect Lanier as Mayor of Georgetown, if such position still existed.


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Ristorante Piccolo Finally Set to Reopen

It’s been a long 18 months since Ristorante Piccolo was gutted in a fire. Opening dates have been pushed back several times, but it appears that they have finally come up with an opening date they can meet: the last week of April. Georgetown’s Little Italy will finally be complete.



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Georgetown’s Little Italy Finally Blooms?

Venice by Albireo2006.

With the opening of a new pizza shop called Fratelli Bufala last year, GM started to notice that Georgetown had its own Little Italy forming on 31st south of M St. Along with Fratelli La Bufala there was Paper Moon and the once and future Ristorante Piccolo all on the same block.

Well if you blinked you probably missed Fratelli La Bufala. It was open for only a couple months (if that.) With Ristorante Piccolo still closed and Fratelli La Bufala out, Georgetown’s Little Italy was threatening to come to an end before it even started.

However, soon after Fratelli La Bufala closed, GM heard rumors that the building’s owner wanted to simply open up his own Italian restaurant.

Those rumors appear to have come at least partially true. GM was walking by the store yesterday and saw some activity in the kitchen. Peering in he saw that the hostess stand had the name Il Canale written on it (which is Italian for the canal channel and/or an aphrodisiacal olive oil.) Continue reading


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2010: The Year That Will Be

Last week, GM bid 2009 adieu and labeled it a bit of a transitional year for Georgetown. Why transitional? Well, many places went (or stayed) dark last year. 2010 will be the year when a lot of lights get turned back on.

Below are just a few of the closed establishments that will open their doors in 2010:

Safeway – Target Date May 2010

It’s hard to believe that it’s been eight months since Social Safeway closed down. But according to the recently amended schedule, the new and improved Safeway will open its doors May.

Don’t expect the new Safeway to look like the old one, just closer to Wisconsin. No, the new Safeway is part of the chain’s overall rebranding effort to stake out a place closer to Whole Foods in the grocery spectrum. If you want a peek at what it will look like, stop by the City Vista Safeway by the Convention Center sometime.

GM will just be thrilled not to have to hike out to the Palisades anymore.

Apple Store – Target Date May 2010

A year ago this month, the whole city was lamenting the failure of Apple to obtain approval of its designs for a new store on Wisconsin Ave. A year later, the designs are approved and construction well on its way. Or rather, deconstruction well on its way. The old French Connection building is gone. Supposedly the new building will be constructed between now and May.

While Safeway is supposed to open in May as well, GM’s predicting that Apple will make a bigger initial splash. Continue reading

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The Morning Metropolitan

Georgetown Waterfront by Vpikering.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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The Morning Metropolitan

Georgetown homes by -marten-

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Some store named “Anthony” is opening soon on Wisconsin Ave. just above R St. It appears to be a clothing boutique but GM couldn’t confirm that.
  • Last month the Old Georgetown Board rejected a design put forward by Ristorante Piccolo to add a roof deck. OGB is fine with the general idea of a roof deck facing onto to Blue Alley, it just wants the 31st St. facing balcony removed first.
  • Another G.U. Ten Year Plan Meeting tonight. The topic: Transportation. Expect to hear the words “GUTS” and “route” a whole bunch of times.


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ANC Roundup: Moratoriums get Moratoriumier

So soon did lose his seat and all at once – King Henry V, Act I, Scene 1

Seats are wonderful things. They allow us to stop standing, at least for a little while. They also allow us to eat sitting down. And drink. And drive cars to restaurants in order to eat or drink sitting down. And in Georgetown, anything that might attract more people in cars to anything is immediately viewed with suspicion. So it is from that observation that GM turns to the great Seat Moratorium War of 2009. Skirmish One of this war took place last night at the ANC meeting, and it was just one of the highlights of the last ANC meeting till September. Continue reading


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