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Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

Photo by Flickr user Cuttlefish used under Volta PCreative Commons license.


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  1. Cheers Topher – and it all started because I was stuck on jury duty!

  2. SSC

    Admittedly, I have yet to survey the layouts of the other Wormley Row units, but if the floorplan of Leonsis’s unit – – is representative of the others, then I am not surprised that this seemingly well-located conversion’s sales fall so far below expectations. The Leonsis unit’s awkward floorplan depicts a miniscule attempt at a “formal” dining room – it hasn’t four walls – that is at least two doors west and one door south of the kitchen. The dining room’s distance from the kitchen makes for a less than convenient if not inadequate dinner party workflow space. Though the dining room is adjacent to a “Butler’s Pantry,” the pantry hardly qualifies as a substitute for a working kitchen; the butler’s pantry is equippped with nothing more than a sink. Also, many of the alleged rooms in the unit are actually open nooks – the breakfeast room, the dining room, and the library room – that in some cases would serve their residents better by being completely walled in. The seemingly floating fireplace in the living room, while obviously created to maximize openness, diminishes the fireplace’s position as a focal point. On the other hand, the generous closet space entices, even if it is a little too generous; the south dressing room appears greater in width than the dining room. Overall, having the kitchen so distant from the rest of the unit’s public core with a bevy of needless pantries and an open library with only three walls, are major minuses, especially at this price point and in a decidedly buyers’ market.

  3. GM

    Moreover, that block of Prospect is pretty close to a bunch of Georgetown off-campus houses. I wouldn’t want to drop that much money just to be awoken at 3:00 AM every weekend night.

  4. Johnny

    That would be DCMetrocentric not the food blog Metrocurean that you linked to, though I like both!

  5. GM

    oops. I got my “metro” blogs mixed up…

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