Septembember ANC Preview

Photo by Flickr user DBKing used under Creative Commons
Photo by Flickr user DBKing used under Creative Commons








Keeping the theme of holding ANC meetings in the wrong month, tonight August 31st ANC2E will hold its September meeting. It’s been two months since the last meeting, so you can be sure it won’t be an in-and-out affair. But what’s on the agenda? Find out after the jump:

Q Street Construction

As GM reported early this year, Q St. is going to really suck soon. To address the very serious sewage run-off situation (and respond to an EPA lawsuit) WASA needs to do major work to the sewer system below Q St. east of 27th St. As discussed last February, there are several options on the table for how to conduct the massive construction:

  1. Just shut down Q St. totally for 4-6 months
  2. Keep open only one eastbound lane during the day and close it at night, total construction time 6-8 months
  3. Keep one lane open during the day but allow traffic both ways with flaggers directing traffic, both lanes open at night, total construction time one year

The construction project is on the agenda to be discussed. GM predicts that they’ve chosen an option and have set a rough time table. GM further predicts that they chose Option One and will start in October.

Johnny Rockets Gets Boozy

As reported last week by GM, Johnny Rockets is seeking a liquor license. This came up a little while back, with some thinking that it meant that Johnny Rockets was going to be replaced by a bar. An apparent rep of Johnny Rockets commented that some locations have liquor licenses and that a Manhattan Johnny Rockets sports bar was in the works. Does that mean we’ll get a Johnny Rockets sports bar here too? And how would that even go with their faux-retro look? We’ll see…


Unsurprisingly, the agenda is full of all the back-logged residential permits you’d expect after a two month lay-off. While normally picayune, these projects often lead to skirmishes. So there is some hope for entertainment.

See you there…


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