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ANC Roundup: Marathon Edition

As “prequeled” yesterday, GM attended a brutal marathon-like ANC meeting Monday night. After a long warm-down run and a good night’s sleep, GM is now ready to give an account of the race.

Along the way, we’ll pass sewage pipes, cupcakes, and yet another rejected curb cut. Make sure to carbo load and stretch and GM will see you at the starting line after the jump: Continue reading


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ANC Round-Up – The Prequel

GM attended an absolutely brutal marathon of an ANC meeting last night. The final gavel didn’t fall until about 10:30. As a result, GM didn’t have time for a finely crafted luxurious write up for today. But just to get the slighly more significant news out there, here are the highlights:

  • Q St. construction will begin in two weeks. Two-way traffic will be maintained throughout construction.
  • No ANC-wide single-sales-ban waiver will be adopted anytime soon.
  • Johnny Rockets will likely get approved to serve beer and wine, but mostly stay the same.

There’s more, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime, get a sneak preview of the new Georgetown Cupcake storefront after the jump: Continue reading

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Septembember ANC Preview

Photo by Flickr user DBKing used under Creative Commons
Photo by Flickr user DBKing used under Creative Commons








Keeping the theme of holding ANC meetings in the wrong month, tonight August 31st ANC2E will hold its September meeting. It’s been two months since the last meeting, so you can be sure it won’t be an in-and-out affair. But what’s on the agenda? Find out after the jump: Continue reading

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The Morning Metropolitan

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • The Post writes a fascinating story about a Georgetown family that is descended from a slave that worked in the Madison White House.
  • Johnny Rockets is applying for a liquor license. What type of drink fits their faux-fifties stylings? Spiked root-beer float? Actually, that sounds pretty good…
  • Vox Populi starts its Junior Year. Will it spend the next two semesters on a debaucherous trip through Europe?
Photo by Flickr user La Citta Vita used under Creative Commons license.

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