Hurt Home Offer Deadline Extended

Hurt Home Bids Deadline Extended

GM reported two weeks ago that the deadline for offers to develop the Hurt Home on R St. were due Friday August 21st. According the office of the Deputy Mayor of Planning and Economic Development the deadline has been extended to September 11th. According to the office, the bidders were having difficulty putting together packages in the middle of vacation time so they wanted a few more weeks.

As inferred by GM, the primary parties interested in the property are residential real estate developers. Interestingly, Dumbarton Oaks took a tour of the facilities but do not seem interested in putting in a bid. It’s not clear exactly what they’d do with it.

According to the Current, the Hurt Home was supposed to be empty. ANC Commissioner Charlie Eason told the Current that he had reported seeing squatters there and had made trips through the building with MPD officers with flashlights. All that background had GM scratching his head when he saw groups of student-looking people living there this summer.

Well it turns out they were allowed to be there. According to the rep at the DMPED office, those student-looking people were Americorps volunteers who got flooded out of their original living quarters.

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