Bicyclist Killed at 31st and M

Updated: It is not clear whether the bicyclist survived the collision or not.  More at Washcycle.

Last night a bicyclist was fatally struck by involved in a collision with a Dulles cab driver at the corner of 31st and M. The above picture was taken by Flickr user BrownPau and Twitter user Vnangia reported that the collision was fatal for the biker. There were no reports on the MPD2D listserv to verify these reports.

It appears from the photo above that the cab was heading westbound on M and turning down 31st St. It is not clear from the photo what direction the biker was heading when he or she was hit.



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4 responses to “Bicyclist Killed at 31st and M

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  2. jen

    Saw the aftermath. Cyclist hurt badly-had head trauma. Can’t find any news on his condition. He was in and out of consciousness at the scene. Do you have confirmation that he died?

  3. vnangia

    That’s really good to hear. I was stepping out of B&N when it happened, and I ran over along with a group of others. It looked like the guy hadn’t made it, but it’s really, really good news to hear he made it.

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