We’re Not So Different After All

This weekend the New York Times published a fascinating chart displaying the top ten movie rentals for each zip code according to Netflix. Various other blogs have already commented on how this chart reflects stark sociological differences across the region, but GM was particularly drawn to a much more local issue.

Georgetown is made up of two zip codes: 20057 and 20007. The first contains only the university. The second contains all the full-year residents (as well as Burleith, Glover Park and the Palisades). Thus 20007 is “Town” and 20057 is “Gown.”

So how do our choices match up?



Not surprisingly, the Town list is a mix of A.O. Scott-approved upper middle brow fare. What’s interesting is that while the Gown list is predictably toped by a couple of brom-coms, the heart of it is really not that different than the Town list. Student and resident alike, we all seem to appreciate a good, smart, and “serious” film.

One more thing, GM was pleasantly surprised to see City of God on the Gown list. That’s an 8 year old film, so it must have a cult following on the campus to still be up so high. (For those that haven’t seen it, it’s basically Slum Dog Millionaire set in Brazil but without a happy ending.)



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2 responses to “We’re Not So Different After All

  1. Rob

    Not to be too skeptical, but don’t discount the possibility that City of God was on someone’s syllabus.

  2. teh movie rental business in our area is dropping because most pople like to watch movie online these days ..

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