Brooks Brothers to Open In Georgetown

It has been rumored for months that Brooks Brothers was going to move into the vacated Smith and Hawken and the soon-to-be-vacant Pottery Barn spaces. The ANC2E agenda for next week confirms it: Brooks Brothers will be moving to 3077 M St.

Specifically, Brooks Brothers is seeking approval of alterations to the storefront, awnings, and signs for that address. Theoretically they could just be moving in to the Smith and Hawken space, which occupies the top floor of 3077 M St. But GM has heard since at least last summer that Pottery Barn plans to vacate the store. Plus, the Smith and Hawken space is too small for a full Brooks Brothers’ store. So his best guess is that Brooks Brothers is taking over the whole building (or at least the Pottery Barn space).

It’ll be sad to see Pottery Barn go. It was a good place to pick up relatively cheap homewares, but as Anthony Lanier (whose EastBanc owns the building) pointed out last September, they can’t pay the rent selling candles.

In the end most people will wonder why there wasn’t a Brooks Brothers already in Georgetown. Well wonder no more.



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