Sidewalks of Shame – Charter Member

By the time this post appears, the first few snow flakes of a supposedly historic snowstorm should be falling on Georgetown. Just Wednesday GM issued a call for photos of egregious non-sidewalk shovelers. So far he’s only received one entry. Surely this snowstorm will provide additional competition.

But to see if he can’t shame a few more homeowners into doing their duty, GM is posting that one photo he received. It’s from the corner of Wisconsin and R St.

The photo highlights one of the common causes of icy sidewalks: corner lots. In this particular case, the owner might be forgiven into think that the BID would clear the Wisconsin Ave. sidewalk (clearly the BID doesn’t and given the steep grade, the owner really should be especially certain it’s cleared). But as a general rule, as a corner lot homeowner, you have the responsibility to clear the sidewalk on the whole length of your property, not just the side you exit from.

For the record the law is DC Code Section 9-601:

It shall be the duty of every person, partnership, corporation, joint-stock company, or syndicate in charge or control of any building or lot of land within the fire limits of the District of Columbia, fronting or abutting on a paved sidewalk, whether as owner, tenant, occupant, lessee, or otherwise, within the first 8 hours of daylight after the ceasing to fall of any snow or sleet, to remove and clear away, or cause to be removed and cleared away, such snow or sleet from so much of said sidewalk as is in front of or abuts on said building or lot of land.

This storm is supposed to last into Saturday night, so you’ll have until an hour or so before kick-off on Super Bowl Sunday to get those sidewalks clear. GM has seen plenty of guys with shovels going door-to-door, so even if you’re physically unable, you should still be able to fulfill your legal responsibility.



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4 responses to “Sidewalks of Shame – Charter Member

  1. Smart stuff, GM. And PLEASE remind people to use pet friendly snow and ice melt.

  2. Charmed

    The sidewalk in front of the house formerly owned by Katharine Graham remains unshoveled.

  3. Geez, even in a snowstorm there’ Carol Joynt. She’s everywhere!

  4. T

    Coming from north of DC, surprised of the expectation that private property owners take responsibility for public property.

    Slippery slope in regards to responsibility. What’s next, owners become liable to plow the streets in front of their homes?

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