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Wisconsin Ave. Needs a Major Overhaul

Does anyone actually like Wisconsin Ave.? Whether you’re walking on it, biking on it, driving on it, it’s almost guaranteed to be an unpleasant experience.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, particularly for pedestrians. Some simple changes to the way Wisconsin Ave. is shaped could dramatically improve the pedestrian experience, without significant affecting the traffic flow. These changes could even add parking.

Impossible you say? Not at all. Follow GM as he takes a stroll down Wisconsin Ave. highlighting where the worst problems are, and how to fix them:

Between R and Reservoir:

Let’s start at R St. and head south. Looking down the street, what do we see?

A dragstrip, that’s what. From R down to Reservoir, Wisconsin Ave. is a wide two lane road. There is parking on the west side, but it is not frequently occupied. Due to the fact that this is a long stretch of road and downhill, cars drive way too fast on it.

Solutions: This road is way too wide. When drivers drive on wide roads, they drive faster than if the same road were narrower. Since parking is not scarce on this stretch, we ought to install one or two bulb-outs from the west sidewalk. Continue reading


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Sidewalks of Shame – Charter Member

By the time this post appears, the first few snow flakes of a supposedly historic snowstorm should be falling on Georgetown. Just Wednesday GM issued a call for photos of egregious non-sidewalk shovelers. So far he’s only received one entry. Surely this snowstorm will provide additional competition.

But to see if he can’t shame a few more homeowners into doing their duty, GM is posting that one photo he received. It’s from the corner of Wisconsin and R St.

The photo highlights one of the common causes of icy sidewalks: corner lots. In this particular case, the owner might be forgiven into think that the BID would clear the Wisconsin Ave. sidewalk (clearly the BID doesn’t and given the steep grade, the owner really should be especially certain it’s cleared). But as a general rule, as a corner lot homeowner, you have the responsibility to clear the sidewalk on the whole length of your property, not just the side you exit from. Continue reading


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Clear Your Sidewalks!

Adorable Shoveler by Bigwibble6.

This has been the worst winter DC has seen in recent memory. Last night was the fourth respectable snowfall in a season that has already seen one blizzard. That said, citizens’ responsibility to shovel their sidewalks is all the more important in a winter like this.

So in the interests of keeping our sidewalks clear, GM is deputizing his readership to keep an eye out during the rest of the winter for flagrant violators of the keep-your-sidewalk-clear law. As you see flagrant violators, whip out your cell phone or camera and take a shot (preferably showing all the other sidewalks clear) and email it to Georgetownmetropolitan(at)gmail.com.

GM will choose the best shots, publish them and try to leverage a little public shaming into safer sidewalks.


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